Birmingham band XOVA gets a boost from “White” Dee Kelly of Benefits Street

xovaLong time Midlands reggae band, XOVA is receiving new interest from major players in the music industry such as RCA following the release of their single, “Your (sic) to Blame”.


The single features Dee Kelly, otherwise known as “White Dee” who emerged as the real “reality star” of Channel 4’s Benefits Street.  Dee teamed up with the equally politically outspoken XOVA in the studio earlier this year and rapped on their single which was released on April 1st, 2014.


XOVA is being touted as “The new UB40” and their single recorded with Dee went to number 4 in the reggae chart beating out music legend Bob Marley. “Our bookings have gone up 10 fold since the release” says Manager Steve Hughes.


Rumors have since been in afloat as to whether the April fool’s Day release and the intentional misspelling of “You’re” was purely done as a joke, a bit of fun, a PR stunt, to get their message heard or if it was done for more serious career aspirations. The debate as to which goal they were after is still on.


One thing not up for debate: XOVA is a talented band gaining serious attention from major players.


“Your To Blame” is out now on GOTHAM RECORDS/ITUNES

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