It’s out… she’s IN

cbbWe can finally confirm that our client, Dee Kelly has entered Celebrity Big Brother. After much speculation she has now entered the house. We are extremely proud of her for taking this leap and we are excited to watch her interact with her fellow house mates. She is in it to win it.

Dee Kelly’s manager, Barry Tomes stated “We are very much looking forward to the coming year for Miss Kelly. We are currently in negotiations for a cookery show and she has started writing a book. A show is being planned in Asia with her next year plus on the 29th of September, she will be speaking at the Conservative Party conference.

Out of respect for our client, we want to request that the press use her real name in headlines, Dee Kelly. Do not use the term “benefits scrounger” as that is false. To reconfirm, she has not been receiving benefits since March, shortly after we started working with her.  Also, accurately refer to Mr. Tomes as her Manager rather than her “agent”.

Very importantly, we want to thank the press their support over the past six months and we look forward to sharing more stories with you about the phenomenon that is Dee Kelly.

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