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img022img023Hey Barry, I was initially expecting a humor book from you, Barry, because of your energetic sense of humor.Instead, you exceeded my expectations and created a small research book that expresses every term that both industry-ites and upcomers would want to know about our business.   You also included very meaningful quotes from a range of performers, who we know and love, including “Music is spiritual, the music business is not” from Van Morrison.  But you are spiritual, Barry, you fulfilled a need with a very simple book.Anne Leighton,

Bronx, NY .USA

“Anne Leighton Manager, Jann Klose and Publicist, Tower of Power and Jethro Tull”

PS: I have a teacher who will probably want to use this book as a text for his students…………


One response to “TESTIMONIALS

  1. Barry, you was the most efficient and talented Agent to “discover” talents. Your empathy, positive thinking and open minded was such a blessing. My best wish is to work with you always, because you’re definitely a reliable person.

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